Hi I'm Jenna

I specialize in helping people who are shy or socially anxious feel comfortable and confident in all social situations. I'm happy to be your mentor & coach on the journey to transforming your life & fully expressing the person you really are with confidence.

I have university degrees in psychology and biology, masters education in Clinical Psychology, and have studied empirically based solutions for social anxiety extensively. I am fascinated by neurology, psychology, social influence, communication, and using this knowledge to help people who feel shy or socially anxious express themselves with confidence.

I believe it's the differences, the quirkiness, the unique aspects of ourselves that make us the cool amazing awesome unforgettable people that we truly are inside. It's time to feel confident, express our true selves and be proud of who we are :)

My clients are people from all walks of life but I often help technical professionals such as engineers, computer programmers, artists, scientists and students become more confident meeting new people, speaking in groups, making friends, making presentations and feeling comfortable at social events . I offer private coaching sessions, Skype coaching sessions, workshops, retreats, group work and several related products.

I will always treat you with respect, seek to understand what means the most to you, support you, gently challenge you and provide you with tools you can use to reach your goals. I want the very best for you. There is one catch -- I do require that you be devoted to and invested in becoming more socially confident. You need to make a comittment to participate, to try hard, to experiment and to do the homework. The process simply doesn't work if I am the one who is most devoted to making positive change in your life. We need to be in this together!

I am confident that anyone who is willing to learn and willing to try out what they have learned, and willing to devote themselves to practice what they have learned will experience significant improvement. And the more you continue to utilize the techniques and strategies you will learn, the more improvement you will see.

Seeing the serious impact of severe social anxiety motivated me to learn as much as I could about social anxiety and how to overcome it. I have a university background in psychology, biopsychology and clinical psychology, and many years working in Human Resources in a corporate environment. I have studied empirically established successful methods for overcoming social anxiety. .

If you are strongly committed to learning and growing, I am confident we can work together to create positive change in your life. This is not an instant process and takes a great deal of work, effort and dedication on the part of you and me, but the results are worth it!

"The best place to practice social skills is in a social environment."

I believe you are an awesome person who deserves to live the life you dream of. If you are willing to pursue your goals with determination and commit time and effort to practicing what you learn I can help you achieve your dreams.

If you are commited to change in your life, I am excited for you!


*** NEW - Private Coaching is now available from the comfort of your own home by phone or Skype.

Please Contact me at Jenna SocialConfidenceTraining.com I would love to hear from you. I am super easy to talk to.

Ask me for info on Private coaching, Skype coaching, and workshops in your area.


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