Self Esteem

Somewhere along your life path, if you have experienced trauma, especially in the form of bullying, criticism, or emotional abuse it is natural to start to develop self doubt and low self confidence. This can make you feel that you are somehow flawed, not "good enough", unlikeable.

An important component in overcoming social anxiety is rebuilding your self esteem.

You build self esteem by:

Building your own self esteem can be hard to do.

If you suffer from low self esteem you have internalized harsh messages that you have told yourself are correct. Even if a part of you knows that these feelings are incorrect, there is another part of you that believes them, that says they must be true if someone else said them. It can be hard to release these messages and the hurt that goes with them n your own. It can be hard to see positive aspects of yourself if you are used to putting yourself down.

We help you discover your strengths, your values and your unique character, and help you learn to love yourself again.