Private Coaching For Social Confidence

The advantage of private coaching is that you receive individual customized guidance and support in a relaxed professional calm setting through a personalized program that is targeted to help you achieve your own social confidence goals in complete privacy.

Together we will co-create a customized program specifically made to address the issues that are most important to you. Having a private coach is a much faster, more effective route to social confidence then trying out strategies on your own. You have the benefit of empirically supported methods and years of experience to guide you.

What are private coaching sessions like?

In our first meeting, we will start to get to know each another in an easy going, calm, gradual way and develop a mutual understanding of the issues that are troubling you most and the goals you would like to achieve.

We will develop a plan together that will include a timeline, learning strategies, responsibilities, topics of focus, measures of success, agreed to feedback processes, and support. This plan is meant as a starting point and is flexible. We can change it as we proceed so that it continues to meet your needs.

You will receive individualized coaching on thought patterns, social strategies, skills development and relaxation techniques, along with specific feedback to help you to improve more rapidly.

As your coach, I will help you keep on track, help you to stay motivated and encourage you through the challenges. I expect you to commit yourself to working together with me as we move towards your new life free from the constraints of social anxiety.

As we progress through your program we will celebrate your achievements and plan next steps for further improvements. You will become more confident in meeting new people, starting conversations, feeling relaxed and having fun at social gatherings, speaking up at meetings, and making friends. You will start to fully express your authentic self and feel so much more comfortable doing so.

It is all conducted in a private setting that is comfortable and relaxing.

You will have the opportunity to make progress between coaching sessions through completing written and practical assignments.

I will be your coach, your mentor and one of your biggest supporters, encouraging you to move onwards towards the goals you select. It is all about you beginning to feel more confident socially, recognizing your strengths, expressing the real you, and learning valuable skills that will help you feel comfortable, confident and reach your goals.

You receive a customized flexible program specifically created to fufill your needs and goals.

The program is all about you! You decide which issues are most important to you, and how you would like to progress. You are in control of the pace of the training and the topics of focus. You will occasionally be asked to push a little bit out of your comfort zone to try new things (that's how change happens and how new skills are developed) but we will proceed with that only when you are ready and only in small increments that you are comfortable with. You are in charge.


Concerns and Questions You May Have

1) I have a well paying job and I'm very good at what I do, as long as I am working on the technical aspects. However, I feel like my lack of social confidence is holding me back at work.

This is a very common reason for seeking social confidence training. Highly technical, highly intelligent people sometimes find that they have not learned social skills at the level they desire to serve them at work. Learning about new social social skills is not enough. To actually learn them requires practice. For those already established in their careers this can feel awkward. Through private coaching you can learn and then practice your new skills and perhaps most importantly receive supportive helpful feedback so that you can improve as you learn and practice.

When you carry these new skills back to the workplace you will find yourself feeling more comfortable participating in meetings, networking sessions and public speaking events and that others will notice your new found confidence.

2) I don't want anyone to know that I am working on my social confidence skills

Our private sessions are just that -- private. They are conducted in a private setting and the fact that you are completing coaching sessions is your own private matter. In fact if you prefer to you don't even have to use your real name.

There are a wide variety of reasons why people may prefer to keep things private. You may have suffered from issues of social anxiety and feel embarrassed that you are seeking help (there's no need to feel embarrassed but it's okay to), or perhaps you would just like to improve your level of social confidence, and for other reasons you may want to keep your self improvement program private.

All of our coaching sessions are completed in a private setting. There are no doors or other signs announcing the purpose of your visit. You can relax here. You don't need to worry about anyone knowing what you are doing unless you choose to tell them.

Once you start to see results you may change your feelings on this matter and begin to spread the word, or you can just let others be amazed about your transformation and it will remain our little secret ;)

3) I don't really feel that I have social anxiety, I'm just shy and feel socially awkward at times. Can this work for me?

Yes! Anyone with a strong desire to improve their social confidence skills can benefit. Our private coaching sessions are set up to meet your unique needs.

4) I have a physical condition, medical issue, clinical depression, clinical anxiety or other concern that I am receiving treatment for.

I will be working with you only in regard to improving your level of social confidence. However, I am able to provide innovative accommodations for those who would benefit from social confidence training.

With your permission and the permission of your treatment provider, I can work together with your treatment provider to ensure that the social confidence training you receive is in alignment with your needs.

5) My level of social anxiety is so bad that I am afraid to meet with you.

That is totally okay. You don't need to even make eye contact or speak if you don't feel able to. Just sit back and relax. We can start off with an information session where all you need to do is listen. There is no pressure - ever. You are always in control. The first step, however large or small can be the most important. I can help you win.


Private Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages provide customized content, structure, step by step progress and are a significant savings over hourly rates.

Application Process

Prior to commencing private coaching, it is important for me to make an assessment of your goals, current issues and motivation level to see if my services would be a fit for you, and for you to determine if you feel comfortable working with me.

In our first meeting we learn about one another. If you are like most of my clients, you will find this meeting relaxing, interesting and extremely helpful. All meetings are private and held in confidence.

There are several private coaching program options, online programs, and group based sessions that vary in terms of scope, price, time required. I can recommend an option to meet your needs.

Let's Work Together To Make Change in Your Life.

Don't stay stuck any longer!

Email me to find out more about how your life can change: Jenna at

PS - You might be feeling nervous about sending an email, but you don't need to worry. I work with so many people who feel shy or socially anxious and I understand how you feel. I know it takes a lot of courage to send an email. Don't put too much thought into what you write - just let me know your first name and email address and we can go from there. There is never any judgement or pressure, just a restful, friendly, relaxed helpful environment.

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***Although some private coaching is available in person, most of my clients come from all over the world and therefore most    private coaching is conducted by phone. You will be surprised at how well we connect and relate by phone. Video sessions are also an option. These options are now available for both international and local clients.