Relaxation Techniques for Social Anxiety

Learning to relax and calm yourself are essential skills that can help you manage the emotions, physical symptoms and thoughts associated with social anxiety.

Part of what gets in the way of interacting effectively with others are the jittery, worried anxious thoughts, uncomfortable physical sensations and anxious feelings that are part of social anxiety.

It helps to learn to relax.

You may be surprised to learn how interconnected the body, mind and emotions are. This interconnection is part of what makes social anxiety so painful. It is also why social anxiety can escalate so easily.

Happily, this interconnection also provides us with a wide variety of ways to de-escalate social anxiety.

Relaxing your body helps to relax your mind. Centering your mind helps to relax your body.

Anything that relaxes the body will help relax the mind. Physical exercise is part of nature's way of releasing stress, yet in our industrialized world most people do not get enough exercise to enable this natural process.

Our bodies are calmed by exercise of any type. Exercise reduces the level of cortisols, the stress hormone that increases feelings of anxiety. By exercising regularly harmful stress metabolites are released from our bodies allowing us to feel more calm and relaxed.

Meditation, mindfulness, self hypnosis, and guided imagery are some of the tools you will master

Techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, self hypnosis, guided imagery are extremely helpful tools to have in helping to manage feelings of anxiety.

These all provide important mechanisms to increase your sense of feeling centered and in control; to quiet critical thoughts, to ease physical symptoms of anxiety and help you feel relaxed and confident. You may find you enjoy all of these techniques or you may find one or more that appeal to you most.

Once you learn these techniques you can practice them anywhere.

There are many places you can go in your own city or town to learn how to meditate or you can find many resources online. While these practices might at first seem far removed from the immediate issue of social anxiety, you will find that the benefits you receive from them impact your whole life, and will definitely help you to become more confident.

You can learn how to breathe in a sense of calming peace where ever you are, regardless of what you are doing -- right when you need it.

As part of our social confidence programs we provide a comfortable, accepting, safe environment to help you master a wide variety of holistic relaxation techniques that will help you manage times when anxiety seems to get control of you.


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