Social Anxiety and ADHD at Work

What if you have both Social Anxiety and ADHD?

Check out some helpful tips and techniques for managing social anxiety and ADHD at work.

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How Social Anxiety is Treated

Ever wish you could just get rid of feeling anxious in social situations forever? Want to be absolutely super self confident in every single social situation and never feel even slightly nevous again??

Well, the bad news is that's not happening! You're human and you'll always feel anxious sometimes, and actually, that's a good thing.

The good news is that there are many things you can do to massively reduce those feelings of anxiety and feel far more confident in social situations.

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How to Be Less Socially Awkward

Ever done something and then immediately afterwards become painfully aware that you must have made the most socially awkward move ever??

Read more about how to make changes 10 ways to become less socially awkward



Social Anxiety and Fear of Judgment

Social anxiety has 2 ingredients - fear of judgment and avoidance. This mix can leave us lonely, miserable and fearful.

Read about Ethan's story here.



Stop Caring So Much About What Others Think!

Caring too much about what others think is the bane of social anxiety. Learn to say "Who cares", "So what" and "Whatever" more often.

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Stop Anxiety Instantly With Square Breathing

Find out how you can stop feelings of anxiety instantly with this simple technique. Try it - it works!

This is a super tool you can use anywhere, any time you feel like you need to relax.

Use square breathing to stop anxiety instantly



Social Anxiety In the Pandemic

This historic moment has caused drastic change throughout the world. Many cities are in lockdown, and we are learning about ways to keep ourselves and others safe. One of new requirements is to stay away from other people and keep some physical distance between ourselves and others. This has caused anxiety, distress and confusion for some. But for others the requirement for social distancing is bringing a sense of comfort.

Find out more here.



Is your Smart Phone Harming your Confidence?

You are waiting for the bus, or standing in line at the movies, waiting for an elevator, or on a break between speakers at a conference. There's nothing to do and you start feeling bored or awkward.

What you do next can make you feel much less confident, and possibly even anxious.

Find out how your phone might be making you feel even more socially anxious. But it's not what you think!



Social Anxiety Stories - No Parties for Marnie

The first chapter in a series of real life stories about social anxiety. See if you relate.

This story is about Marnie.

Read about Marnie here.



Body Language Tips You Can Use to Get More Confidence

Want to feel more confident? There's a confidence boosting strategy you can use for an instant blast of self confidence in any situation.

By making some simple changes in your body language you will super charge yourself, and chase away feelings of anxiety.

Try these self confidence tips now



Holiday Dinner "Fail" Deconstructed

How did social anxiety creep in to derail a family hoiday celebration -- year after year?

What can you do to stop this from happening to you?

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"Christmas Ruined By Social Anxiety"

What follows is a true Christmas story of an annual family dinner that was "ruined by social anxiety".

Read the full story here. See if you can relate to this story and if you can find the SA pattern that is at work in this all too painful and familiar holiday scenario......



What is therapy for social anxiety really like?

I've had several people email me to ask for more information on what coaching and therapy for social anxiety is really like. I thought it would be helpful for me to create a short video explaining what it's like using a real life example with permission from one of my clients Jill (not her real name).

Plus you can hear my voice so it's kind of a nice way to start to make a connection.

Here's a link to the video.......



5 Awesome Self Help Resources for More Social Confidence

Here’s a sample of books and a video that I highly recommend. Whether you just feel low in social confidence occasionally or you feel socially anxious often these resources are definitely worth a read....... (more)



How Horses Help Teach Us Mindfulness

You can learn to practice mindfulness and increase your sense of inner power through guided interaction with horses. You are probably aware that animals of many kinds have been found to be very effective in assisting with therapeutic interventions.

Horses are highly social animals with a unique ability to mirror our emotions and react to our body language in ways that can help us learn about ourselves and become aware of the ways in which we tend to interact with people. Horses can play a surprising role in our journey towards learning increased self esteem, increased confidence and forming authentic relationships.