How To Turn Your "Inner Critic" Into a "Helpful Inner Coach"

We all have an "inner critic". It's that part of us that observes and evaluates what we are doing, what we say, what we accomplish and how we act.

People with social anxiety have an overactive, extra harsh and very judgmental inner critic.

Have you ever tried to learn a new skill and had someone try to teach you that was super negative, always pointing out the things you were doing wrong as a way of "helping" you?

Very few people respond positively to this sort of assistance. In fact, experimental research shows that for the majority of us, having someone criticize and point out what is wrong actually disrupts the learning process and gets in the way of improvement.


Most people respond better to positive feedback, to the teacher or instructor or other person who is helping us, pointing out things we are doing correctly.

Most people with social anxiety are already quite sensitive to negative criticism and worried about negative appraisal. You can just imagine then how ineffective it is to have negative feedback in the form of harsh criticism coming from right inside you!

Your inner critic is not helping and in fact is hindering your progress towards social confidence!

In social confidence training programs we learn and practice many ways to reduce the impact of your inner critic.

One of these ways way is to systematically test the validity of the statements that the inner critic makes. There are many ways to do this. Here's a free report that shows you one of these ways.