Join Us At a Social Confidence Workshop

Workshops provide a fun small group atmosphere where you can learn together with others.

We hold workshops in a wide variety of locations. A workshop setting allows you to obtain a great deal of training in a short time, so that you can learn new skills, practice them and incorporate them into your life right away.

Workshops focus on specific themes or topic sets to enable you to choose one that is right for you.

This allows you to select the workshop most suited to your current needs, interests and personal development goals. You will join other like minded people who share your learning goals in a comfortable, respectful, supportive, empowering environment.

Not only do you obtain the benefit of the group in learning together, many people report creating connections and friendships that last well beyond the last day of the workshop.

Workshops provide the opportunity to learn and practice within a supportive (and fun!) group setting

In a group workshop setting we are able to energize the learning process in that people with common interests can support and share their wisdom with one another. We can use the power of the group to accelerate the learning process, while providing a safe place to practice new skills and meet others who share the same goals. You will find this is a happy and energizing place to learn.

More cost effective than private coaching sessions.

As several people are completing the training together, we are able to offer a discounted rate so that the cost per individual is much less than taking the same training in private sessions.

Accelerated learning

The workshop is held over several days allowing ample time to learn a variety of new skills and have time to practice them and improve.

You have a chance to practice your new skills with a group of supportive individuals whose goal is to help you learn.

You will find that learning and practicing new social skills in a group setting with others who are learning the same skills provides you with a chance to accelerate your learning. This happens by watching and supporting others in the group as they learn and also by receiving support and feedback (if you request it) from other group members. In this way you not only learn a skill, but you learn it enough to be able to help another person learn the same skill.

You become part of a network of people.

Bonds automatically form within the workshop group, in part due to the life transforming nature of the learning. We encourage workshop participants to maintain connections following the workshop so that they can act as a social support and network to share progress and challenges with.

Available in a wide variety of locations

We love to travel and have been known to set up workshops in a wide variety of locations throughout the world. Places we love (so far - more to come):

Learn how to have awesome conversations! Make friends. Relax and enjoy in safe comfortable small group settings. Immerse yourself in learning and growing. Feel comfortable with being the real you!