ReProgram Your Brain With Social Confidence Training

Our brains have well established thought and behavior patterns that we tend to use as "default reactions". This is one way that the body conserves energy and frees up the mind to attend to new events. We often simply repeat reactions that we have used in the past in similar situations.

At the moment you probably have various "default" thinking patterns and behaviors that you routinely use in social situations without having to even think much about it.

Quite likely, if you have issues with social anxiety, these default sequences are not helping you.

For example, many people with social anxiety use avoidance as a default strategy in social situations.

Does this sequence sound familiar?

1) You are invited to a social event. Your mind will automatically begin to remind you of the fact that you won't know some of the people there, that you will have to say hello and then try to make small talk, that you have always struggled with small talk, that you won't know what to say.

2) Your brain will bring forth images of vivid memories of past social "failures", you will picture yourself standing in front of someone you don't know as an awkward silence looms between you.

3) Your heart will begin to beat faster as you recall these memories and anticipate terrible outcomes. You begin to feel anxious.

4) You decide to make up an excuse to not attend the event.

5) You decline the invitation, and think you will try harder next time. You feel a sense of disappointment in yourself but an even bigger sense of relief.

The more you repeat this sequence, the more automatic it becomes. And in the case of avoidance, the sense of brief relief you feel actually acts as a reward, cementing the sequence in further.

Thankfully, there is a way to undo all this.......

Actively learning (and practicing) new thought patterns, new skills and new habits will actually reprogram your brain, creating new neural pathways.

When you learn new concepts, develop new knowledge and practice new skills, new neural pathways are gradually developed, and new "default" behaviors are created. New ways of thinking about social situations, and new social skills will become part of what you do automatically, creating a new social reality for you.

Cognitive behavioral techniques (which are an integral part of the Social Confidence Training Programs) are empirically proven to produce changes in your brain patterns that can actually be seen using fMRI brain scans.