Imagine Your Life With Social Confidence

Just imagine for a moment, all the things that would be possible that are so impossible now. What would life be like if you felt confident in yourself, felt worthy, felt comfortable, relaxed, empowered and truly likable?

One of the keys to success in making lasting life change is to get clear on what you really want. It's important to get really specific.

Take a moment in a quiet place and really think deeply about the life you want. What's important to you?

What would your life be like if you could live the life you dream of?

What kinds of activities would you be involved in? What sort of work would you do? What kinds of friends would you enjoy spendig time with? What would your social life be like?

In what ways would your life transform if you had social confidence?

If you are like many people with social anxiety, the news that you can actually learn to become socially confident is a dream come true! It is such a welcome relief to stop feeling so anxious, to stop feeling alone, feeling "less than", feeling left out, always that invisible person on the outskirts.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how great life could be.

Just imagine what your life could be like if you had social confidence....

Here's some of the life changes my clients have experienced that might inspire you:

1) Feeling confident in situations that previously made me feel uncomfortable, fearful or awkward.

It will happen gradually. Your social confidence will increase with each new skill you learn, each new step in the program, until one day you suddenly realize that you are doing things you would have never thought possible before. And you are doing them so easily, you almost can't remember how hard they once were.

2) Feeling more relaxed physically. I now know how to instantly activate a feeling of calm & quiet whenever I need it.

No more feeling hijacked by pounding heart, blushing, tension and shaking hands. I have so many mindfulness tools that will help me calm my mind & body.

3) No longer avoiding social events because of anxiety.... and actually starting to look forward to them.

No more making excuses to myself and others as to why I can't attend an important event, go out for dinner & a movie, or a party. Those excuses are becoming a thing of the past!

4) More aware of personal strengths. Starting to learn to really love who I am.

Most people with social anxiety have experienced bullying, verbal abuse, frequent criticism or trauma that has left them with a lowered sense of self worth and an uncertain sense of self identity.

The damage of these experiences can be gently undone. It takes time, patience and support to leave this toxic baggage behind, but when you do the rewards are well worth the time and effort.

5) Enjoy meeting new people.

Instead of feeling nervous and agitated you will feel relaxed and curious about who this new person is and whether or not you have common interests. You will know the secrets of how to keep a conversation going with someone you don't know well, how to get them to open up and share who they are with you, and you will know how to express yourself confidently.

6) Choosing friends based upon how well I like them. No more focus on people pleasing and needing to have everyone like ne.

Lately I find myself enjoying meeting someone new. I wonder if maybe I'll want to get to know them better, or if I will decide to just let it be. Making friends used to be so stressful for me..... Now it's no more stressful than looking books & deciding which one to read!


The days of being desperate for any form of acceptance or inclusion will be over. You will find yourself calmly learning about others and deciding who best fits with your lifestyle, your value system, your interests, and then seeing if things "click".

7) Know how to deepen a relationship with someone I want to get closer to.

You will meet people you are happy to know just casually. There will be others who you will get to know much better and form a closer bond with. You will know exactly what to do to make this happen.

8) More relaxed & comfortable at work. Speaking up at meetings and talking easily with coworkers -- even with my boss!

Social anxiety can make you feel too shy or uncertain to express what you know with confidence at work. You may be reluctant to speak up in meetings and state your opinion or share your ideas. You may be hesitant or suddenly tongue-tied when meeting with your boss or coworkers. People find it difficult to trust information that the person sharing it seems unsure about. The result is that your talent and capabilities are all too often hidden from others, or worse -- ignored.

With social confidence training you will learn proven methods to speak up clearly and with authority at work. People will pay attention to what you say. Your knowledge and ideas will be noticed. You will find opportunities open up in your career due to your new found ability to express yourself with confidence and show others what you know.

9) Be able to handle rejection (yes - it happens to everyone!) without blaming myself or falling apart

The reality is that "rejection" happens to everyone. Every single person has times where they don't get the job they applied for, are told "no" to a request for something they wanted, or have times when others aren't interested in the activity you suggest. Although you will find that being "rejected" happens less often when you have social confidence, you will also find that when it does it won't be the earth shattering, ego crushing, traumatic event it used to be. You may be disappointed and possibly even sad for a short while but you will be able to handle the situation without putting yourself down and feeling insecure and self critical. You will know that it happens to everyone, it's not about some obscure defect in you and you will be okay and move on.

Your social confidence and social skills are guaranteed to improve.

As long as you stick with the program, engage in the practice exercises and complete the coursework, this is guaranteed.

You can expect a gradual increase in your level of confidence and a gradual decrease in the level of anxiety you experience around people. If you are like most clients you will one day realize that social anxiety is no longer a factor in your life at all.

The first step is often the hardest.....but also the most powerful.

Once you have made the decision to increase your social confidence, your new life is beginning. You are no longer just waiting for your problems to go away on their own (which truthfully is very unlikely), and you have taken that important and often hard first step to actually do something to help yourself move forward.

My personal coaching, workshops and retreats make change easy for you. You get the knowledge, support, feedback and practice to successfully implementing change - all in a caring, positive, self-affirming environment


Imagine yourself......

A proven program that helps you become more confident, calm and happy in social situations.

This ground breaking program has been designed to appeal to those with various learning styles, and includes cognitive, emotional and experiential elements. You will find yourself learning, laughing, having fun with others, enjoying shared experiences and making true connections. You are supported every step of the way.

My approach is supportive, self-affirming and most importantly -- it works!

For many clients, social confidence training has opened the door to real personal transformation, allowing them the freedom to express themselves, for the first time in their lives, with confidence.

How Did Others Benefit From Social Confidence Training?

I used to cross the street to avoid meeting people I knew, worried that I'd have nothing to say, or that they would judge me in some negative way. I used to tell myself that I was just someone that others would never like, that I was too awkward and weird and would never fit in. I had some pretty bad experiences as a child that gave me the idea I was unlikeable. It's sad to remember how I used to feel.


My life is so different now! The change wasn't instant but I steadily began to understand how I could take control of my life. I feel relaxed, chill and confident almost all the time now.

I was worried about training but so glad I did it! ~Brandon




Now I feel confident speaking with anyone, and I just let conversation flow. I don't worry if anyone likes me or not, and strangely, once I built the confidence & skills to let go of all that worry, it was like people are just drawn to me. Me?!? It is such a feeling of freedom.

I am 67 years old. I am so grateful to finally feel like I belong! ~Angela



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